Need a little style inspo?  Check out our top 10 most stylish movies for a fashion fabulous experience.  We take a look back at some of the utterly most stylish films for your viewing pleasure.  Get inspired by these gorgeous films.  


By far my favorite Macaulay Culkin movie and Seth Green fans will fall in love with James.  This docudrama is based on the true story of Michael Alig; famed 90’s club kid and promoter.  It’s a sad and fascinating story of drugs, murder and debauchery set in the 90’s club scene.  The movie’s style genuinely captures the creativity and sheer awesomeness of club kid life at that time. Giant platform shoes, make up that transforms and defines “persona”.  This inclusive yet exclusive lifestyle was a real party and Party Monster gives you a glimpse into that world of over the top.   Ahhh the memories….. 


This visual delight is the brain child of Sophia Coppola – love her!  The story of Marie Antoinette hasn’t changed but the color, style and luxury presented in this version is just soooo delicious.  The fabrics, the colors, the pure decadence radiating from this film is palpable. The music adds a modern twist to this gorgeous movie so sit back and enjoy.  It’s no surprise this film won the Oscar for Best Costume Design.  You’ll see! 


8.  NOW VOYAGER 1942

Bette Davis- it’s hard to keep your eyes off one of the best actresses of all time. The story of Charlotte Vale is way more than a “makeover” movie but seeing that stylish transformation is just everything.  She transforms from an ugly duckling into an elegant, confident woman.  A beautiful and painful love story with a backdrop of glamorous hats, shoulder pads and velvet dresses.  Bette Davis takes fashion to a whole new level in this film and Miss Vale’s fierce strength brings it all to life. The confidence is so real the clothes do make the woman in this film.  “Don’t let’s ask for the moon when we have the stars…”                               

7.  AUNTIE MAME 1958

Starring Rosalind Russell this version of Auntie Mame offers a beautiful story accented with fabulous fashions, insane décor and utter exuberance.  Throughout the film the passage of time is highlighted by a total redo of the uber opulent Manhattan apartment and outfit changes.  Lots and lots of outlandishly beautiful outfit changes.  Each one more glamorous than the next – your senses will be on overload in the best possible way.  Auntie Mame is a fun movie that genuinely shows how personality merges with style.  Taking fashion risks and always updating your presentation to the world, that’s a good life.   End scene. 


Set in 1976 on the last day of school in a suburban town in Texas this film is cult classic for a multitude of reasons.  The cast is phenomenal, enough cannot be said about Matthew McCnaughe in this film!  But what get’s me is the spot on 70’s style that just is and will always be a favorite.  High wasted skin tight bell bottom jeans, platform shoes and halter tops – everywhere.  The cars, the music, the hair….  If you grew up in the 70’s or just dig the vibe – sit back and chill to a flashback worth having.  Alright, alright alright…. 

5.  THE PARTY 1968

This is one of the funniest movies ever made, Peter Sellers is a comedic genius.  The whole movie is about a 60’s crazy wild party, the Hollywood kind, the kind that stays in your memory for years to come.  The glamor puss’s all dressed up and wasted, indoor waterfalls, giant bird cages, dancing Russians and painted elephants – all of it.  The furniture, the party clothes, the whole Hollywood scene, so very stylish.  Time to start planning a party of your own? 

4.  200 CIGARETTES 1999

Set in NYC on New Year’s Eve 1981 this film is a favorite.  An amazing cast including Christina Ricci, Courtney Love and Dave Chappelle that really exemplifies the diversity that was NYC in the 80’s.  All roads lead to one New Year’s Eve party – where it all happens.  The shoes, the hair and make -up; the merge of mini-skirts and Mohawks are just magnificent.  The real grit, vibe and substance of NYC is amplified in the most perfect way.  From Ronkonkoma to Avenue C, welcome to the 80’s NY style. 


Based on a novel by Jacqueline Susann this film is an amazing tale of Hollywood from the female perspective and it is total eye candy.  Sharon Tate with those eye lashes, nude lips and teased hair — stunning!  Couple the 60’s vibe with all that drama and those dolls; it really makes this film a guilty pleasure.  All vanity and no shame – this is not a lighthearted film and yet so beautiful to see.  Poolside confrontations and polyester mini dresses make this a captivating watch.  Grab some popcorn, kick back and take some notes on how to rock go-go boots without overdoing it on the Dolls. 

2.  PARTY GIRL 1995

Where else will you find Parker Posey and Lady Bunny on film?   On the first feature film to premier on the internet, that’s where.  This film is so perfectly genuine, most of the cast were a part of the NYC downtown club scene for real and it resonates.  The story about a young woman getting to “know” herself made this film charming and hopeful.  The social life, garment racks, record crates and platform shoes make this film real.  The scene, the life, the style of downtown NYC in the 90’s –it is a trip down memory lane for sure and the soundtrack is everything . HHhhh Hhh Hellooooo. 


This film has three beautiful women dressed in phenomenal clothing living in a luxurious penthouse they can’t afford on New York City’s Sutton Place.  The movie itself is “”cute” – gorgeous women desperate to marry wealthy men, ho hum…….   But the style, the glamor of this film is 100% flawless.  Lauren Bacall is elegant, sophisticated and dressed to perfection.  The scene where she is wearing a white shirt with dramatic puffed sleeves and pencil skirt – just stunning.  I will never remember what she said, just what she wore and how good she looked wearing it .  That white lace wedding dress that she rocks?  Divine….  From the furniture to the furs this is one beautifully styled film.  If the plot doesn’t intrigue you the glamour certainly will.  Cheers! 

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