There is a difference between trend and style.  Trends come and go and come again but good style is hopefully with you always.  The key is in mixing a bit of what’s “in” at the moment with your own flavor. 

Colors, shapes, prints – trends let you know what is “of influence” for the moment and it’s hard not to fall in love with some of those must haves.  But you can overdo it and you shouldn’t!  If animal prints are a thing this season get yourself a cool cowhide zebra print bag or fierce pair of leopard print kitten heels.  Please don’t get yourself that full length cheetah print trench coat unless you are cool with wearing it once in a blue moon.   

All good trends must come to an end so get ready to update your look. If you are shopping for a need and not a want, keep it simple and show your genuine style.  Don’t focus on color trends if you are in the market for an everyday essential – like those pair of boots you spend way too much money on that seem to look good with everything.  Keep those key items a neutral tone so you get to wear the life out of them.  Having a love for neon colors is a good thing but maybe keep it for the summer wallet not the everyday winter boots.   

If you are a trend setter you don’t need me to tell you what to do, you already know.  You know what you like and how to wear it.   Not afraid to take risks and make a few mistakes, life is too short to question your own style.   Confidence is super stylish and always on trend. 

Lesson #18 – Don’t get caught up – things come and go. 

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Pink pastel paradise. Opaque, translucent, milky and metallic stones are all included for a divine mix. The layered casting has a nice depth to it – so very unique. This is one pretty piece. THE CASE MEASURES 1 x 2 x .5 INCHES AND HOLDS A MINI BIC LIGHTER. Lighter not included.




Sweet vintage. Dark gray cement with removeable lid. Mysterious and glamourous jet and crystal stones set with a smokey vintage style. Discrete ashtray or dish of any kind – mix it up. Dimensions: 4 Inches round x 2 Inches tall with stainless steel removeable tray.




Old school insects. This bugger is set in vintage yellow gold with a pearl cabochon body for the ultimate classic critter. Heritage meets modern – so nice to meet you. THE CASE MEASURES 1.3 x 2.7 x .75 INCHES AND HOLDS A STANDARD BIC LIGHTER. Lighter not included.

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