I love doing my own nails but more than that I love seeing that my nails are done.  I feel ready when the claws are done up right, ready to use my hands to get things done.  Hands are one of the body’s most useful tools, think about how much we do with those digits.  We eat, we meet and greet, we create and we articulate all with our hands so what do your nails look like?  Do they compliment who you are or is it time to put some thought into your claws? 


A few tips on “good nails” representation: 

Keep It Clean 

If you are not the manicure type, no judgement.  But there is no excuse for unkempt so keep those nails well groomed.  Go bare and buff rather then chipped – seriously, pealing polish is not a good look.  Too busy to take off that black polish that only covers half your nails?  Not possible.  Cut those cuticles and get rid of the mess.  You won’t get as many weird looks when your hands get noticed and they do get noticed.  Now it will be a good thing. 

Don’t Be Shy 

If showing off those beautiful nails are your thing, go for it.  Use those digits as another form of self- expression and tell it like it is.  French manicure, always clean and fresh but adding a bit of silver wouldn’t hurt if you really like to shine.  With so many options available in the “Do it yourself” arena there really is no excuse not to try some fabulous nail art, from decals to bling you can sample it all in the comfort of your own home.  Not an at home kinda gal?  Go get that manicure from your favorite nail artist –  get creative…. 

Know Your Audience 

With so many options available on how to “do your nails” it’s kind of important to know your audience.  Do you work in a conservative environment like a bank or doctor’s office?  You probably shouldn’t do super long coffin nails with airbrushed nail art.  That look might not go over too well but there are ways to express your flair for the dramatic even if you have to put the brakes on a bit.  The opposite holds true as well so if you work in the beauty industry or any creative field make sure your nails are hooked up and show off your unique self.  Have fun! 

 Respect The Lifestyle 

I have always had long manicured nails and it since I am not one for cooking and cleaning, my nails work for me.  I’ve been asked “how do you_____ with those nails”?  I live a life that allows these claws – no diapers, no dishes no big deal.  What works for you?   Don’t go crazy with the stiletto tips if you work in a bakery kneading dough all day.  Get what I mean?  Take it to the limit for sure but keep it realistic. 


Lesson #28 If you are tough as nails, represent. 


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