My obsession with shoes started pretty much in the womb – I learned early it is a hereditary obsession. My Dad, the best teacher of style, loved his accessories – shoes were his jam so he passed the torch and I gratefully accepted.

It was the 70’s and I was inspired by the shoes I saw on TV. Charlie’s Angels, Rhoda and All In The Family set the stage for what this 6 year old wanted to wear – if you haven’t seen Sally Struthers rocking her platforms, you are missing out. I couldn’t very well  start out in 6 inch platforms so I begged for clogs until I was blue in the face and so it began.

The 80’s had me in anything pointy and in every color leather known to man. I had a pair of Mustard yellow boots that I remember being so very pointy I seriously damaged some feet at the Peppermint Lounge. If I wore sneakers Reebok high tops with plenty of sock scrunched over the top.

The 1990’s were good to me the platform was back with vengeance thanks to Vivienne Westwood. I lived within walking distance to 8th street in the west village. It was an amazing time, excitement in the air while strolling in NYC. I wore your basic black everyday and left the “color, style, drama” for my feet. My shoes took me places and held up to the lifestyle – house music and platform shoes were for day and night. It was a decade of 5 inch heels and if the shoes could talk, they would thank me for taking them to so many amazing places.

The new millennium made it a bit harder to find the wicked platform but I adjusted, managed and managed well. What you love is what you wear and I continued to rock the shoes I loved, I still do. You should too.

With every decade the shoes are there to remind you – where you have been and how you decided to get there. They adorn your feet, the human body’s mode of travel. If you want to go places in this world you have to be wearing the shoes you want to be seen in when you get there.

Lesson #48 – You cannot have too many pairs of shoes.

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