Fine jewelry is classified by the materials used–14K vs. gold plated metal, diamonds vs. crystal; you get the drill. Whether fashion or fine, jewelry is meant to make you feel good, adorned, special. We often think of fine jewelry in terms of diamond studs or an engagement ring but fine should also be fun. Don’t limit yourself to the classics, play with pavé, experiment with epoxy, create with the many colors of sapphire. Let your playful side shine as bright as those gemstones. 

Not every diamond is a symbolic commitment. Sometimes, very often, diamonds shine brightest when set with color or when they are delicate; have you seen micro pavé  set in Rose Gold? You must! Fine jewelry doesn’t always have to be so serious. For those times when you can splurge on some fun fine jewelry the options have become plentiful. And that is a great thing. You don’t have to break the bank for quality jewelry and you should keep it fine if you want to wear it for years to come.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but it’s good to have many friends–not just one. So if you want to build your “social network” and keep it light check out some of these brands to build your fun fine wardrobe. Nora Kogan– They have a store in Brooklyn NY, tell them I sent you. Nora gives epoxy and diamonds a home–add in some customized styles and you are starting out well.  If color and whimsy aren’t enough fun for you, check out the “Booty Ring”.

Luisa Alexander–Deluxe color and pure magic check them out.  The charms are especially delicious and the gummy bear packaging is just beyond. It is hard to choose just one, trust me. The collections are full of creativity and each piece will get you a compliment or two–if that’s your thing. Great quality, customization available, gorgeous shapes and color; what else is there?

Lesson #18–Lighten up.

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Dark mystery. Round dark gray cement accented with rich stones and removeable lid. The oil slick finish on the stones has blue, green and purple tones that we match up with pops of metallic. Unique and ideal for hiding ashes or anything else that shouldn’t be in full view. Décor at a new level. Dimensions: 4 inches in diameter with stainless steel removeable tray.




Elegance on acid. Deco style with neutral tones and a little drop of bright pink and yellow – so trippy. So gorgeous, so you? THE CASE MEASURES 1.3 x 2.7 x .75 INCHES AND HOLDS A STANDARD BIC LIGHTER. Lighter not included.




Calming neutrals. Beautiful layered casting with light gray resin base. Milky AB stones, soft tones. The perfect understated overstatement. THE CASE MEASURES 1.3 x 2.7 x .75 INCHES AND HOLDS A STANDARD BIC LIGHTER. Lighter not included.

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