I am not a make up expert I just know what I like and what works for me. I also know what I don’t like to see so this rant is just my humble opinion. Why do so many women wear red lipstick during the day? Where are y’all going all done up in that way during daylight hours? I’m not really judging I just don’t get it. To me, why so overdone? Add some color to the lips of course but keep the bright and dark reds for a night out not for the daily run around . The 90’s red lip, yes, we piled it on strong before heading out for a night of fun and you can too with gorgeous shades by MAC but stick to neutrals until the sun sets. K?

Heading out for an amazing night of fun? Focus on the eyes or the lips but dear god not both! A smokey eye with some fierce lashes, gorgeous! But top it off with a shimmering gloss, a nude rather than a strong color for the lip. Let those eyeshadow shades shine a la Pat McGrath Labs and keep those lips quiet. Not feeling the flair for color on the lid? Super long lashes a bold lip and you are all set. If you have a long night ahead go for a matte lip and your look will last you through most of the fun. 90’s tip: Add a touch of face powder on top of that lip then blot, blot, blot, if you want that color to stay on for hours.

Most of us have seen an episode or two of the Real Housewives of where ever. And what amazes me still is the amount of make-up all the women seem to wear. I get wanting to cover up some flaws or enhancing what we have but can we say overkill? It just looks weird and it reminds me of what I wished I could do when I played dress up as a little girl. If make up is literally changing what you look like, you are wearing too much! Lighten up, you don’t need a glam squad to look like a million bucks. Let your beauty shine through, accentuate those features. But please take it easy…..

Lesson # 22 Know your audience then be yourself.

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